Hello everyone!

The IV Italian Betta Show at the PetsFestival ended (now for two days).
The show has seen the participation of 178 Betta "shows" coming from 28 breeders from 7 different countries: Italy, Germany, Holland, Rep.Cec, Russia, Indonesia and Thailand.

For the results of the show, click HERE

The part of the Betta not selected was instead set up with 12 biotope tanks (8 from 98lt and 4 d 54 liters) as well as a 450-liter paludarium (the fulcrum of the entire stand).
The species exhibited (all bred in Italy and not imported) were: Betta splendens (wild form), Betta smargdina, Betta mahachaiensis "Samut Sakhon", Betta unimaculata, Betta simplex, Betta foerschi "Bagubus", Betta channoides, Betta albimarginata over to Macropodus spechti and Channa aurantimaculata.

I have only a few photos, I would ask those who have to have them so as to publish them in the official AIB gallery

I want to thank all the AIB staff who worked so hard and worked overtime to set up the whole stand, thanks in particular to the two Valentina and Ilaria who went up first and thanks to the new entries silverelle, Roby-83 and Pasto who did not spare of work. I do not name the whole "hard core" AIB just for fear of forgetting someone

I also congratulate the new breeders who have exhibited beautiful fish and managed to win several prizes! Congratulations to Chiara, Valentina (driopeluminosa), Barbara, Pierluca Roby and Pasto..davvero beautiful fish and a great job!

For the photos of the winners it will take some time .. but they will arrive!