Hello everyone!

as you well know or imagine everyone, making a diagnosis, even approximate, with the fish is not absolutely easy.
For this reason we ask you, when you post in this section a request for help, to specify well the following:

1. Water values (pH, GH, KH, ammonia, nitri and nitrates)
2. Temperature
3. Dimensions of the tank
4. Presence of the lid
5. Preparation of the tank and type of filtration
6. Roommates of the sick Betta
7. Power (what, how, how much, how often)
8. History of diseases
9. Specific medicines for the aquarium you have available

Besides this information (what is called in medical jargon "medical history") it would also be useful to have a photo of the Betta in question.
With this information provided when inserting the post we will be able to help you first and certainly better.
Thanks for collaboration!