Visualizza Versione Completa : Parosphromenus nagyi MBC 2012-04 Tasik Chini

02-10-2012, 19:00
Hi, I caught this little in Malaisia close to Chini lake (Tasik chini)
In the nature, Parosphromenus need a very soft water (25S/Cm)
http://si1.photorapide.com/invites/photos/2012/09/25tjfv.jpg (http://www.photorapide.com/index.php?photoName=25tjfv.jpg&photoId=90540)
http://si1.photorapide.com/invites/photos/2012/09/25d2dd.jpg (http://www.photorapide.com/index.php?photoName=25d2dd.jpg&photoId=90541)
http://si1.photorapide.com/invites/photos/2012/09/2598d7.jpg (http://www.photorapide.com/index.php?photoName=2598d7.jpg&photoId=90542)
http://si1.photorapide.com/invites/photos/2012/09/25n84r.jpg (http://www.photorapide.com/index.php?photoName=25n84r.jpg&photoId=90544)
http://si1.photorapide.com/invites/photos/2012/09/25ulqc.jpg (http://www.photorapide.com/index.php?photoName=25ulqc.jpg&photoId=90545)
pics of the biotop:
http://si1.photorapide.com/invites/photos/2012/10/020xcj.jpg (http://www.photorapide.com/index.php?photoName=020xcj.jpg&photoId=93826)

02-10-2012, 20:51
Nico.....but now i'm curious to watch some pic of your fishroom!!:bounce: :bounce: :whistle: :finger:

03-10-2012, 02:36
if you want to know the number of tanks, i have 16 species of Betta, 5 of paros, 3 killifishes, in 61 tanks
8 of 9L,
12 of 12L,
8 of 20L,
2 of 22L,
11 of 25L,
5 of 35L,
4 of 43L,
6 of 54L,
2 of 96L,
3 of 110L

03-10-2012, 04:51
Thanks for sharing! Were you able to breed them? Tell is about your trips web you have time ;)

03-10-2012, 05:55
I am only on three forum the day ( and at work too) , the night it is for my tanks.

20-10-2012, 10:22
Tank filled with 100% reverse osmosis/rainwater and the rest of the EC is referred to humic substances isn't it?
I can't think any other mechanism to keep EC and ph so low....and that's the system i use for my foerschi tank...